Update Feb 11th: Phone Floatys first month in the hands of Floaters.

Phone Floaty was conceived a little over a year ago. Now finally after 12 months the Phone Floaty for Iphone X is in stores, being sold and shipped around the World!

We have our first edition of the smartphone life jacket in stock via our online store and in a few brick and motor stores around Australia. People from the fishing community and various water sports groups have been excited to make their smart phones float.

We also went to the Bondi Markets in Sydney to quickly get the product in front of the tourist and local of Bondi Beach. 

All in all it has been a great start to the business having the product ready for people to use.


Our early customers

I need to give a shout out to our very first customers all the way over in Canada who initially backed us on our failed Kickstarter and then went on to get behind our pre-sales of the Phone Floaty. He emailed me as soon as the Phone Floatys were delivered, with some very supportive words of which I look forward to seeing what he gets up to with the Phone Floaty this coming summer.

"I just received my phone floatys today and you’ve done a great job with it, the packaging looks great and the case isn’t as big as I expected which is nice. Overall thank you and your product is great I’ll be using it a lot this summer" - Our First Customer From Canada.


See some other reviews on our facebook page.


Early Testing

We went wakesurfing with the Phone Floaty last weekend and had a blast filming from the Iphone X behind the boat with complete confidence that we could get the perfect shot from the phone without drowning the phone for good. See our Instagram "How It Works" story for more or have a sneak peak below.



Where Can I Buy The Phone Floaty ?

We are selling the Phone Floaty both online and in store. I know some people have mentioned that they may like to purchase their Floaty in store. I will create a page which will have permanent links to these locations for future reference.


Our Online Store


Amazon in the US (Search Phone Floaty)

In Store:

Drummoyne Best Bait & Tackle (Sydney, NSW)

Yates Mens Wear (Renmark, SA)

Riverbend Caravan Park (Renmark, SA)

Big 4 Caravan Park Renmark (Renmark, SA)



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