Update Dec 10th: Lucky for IPhone X owners, unlucky for the rest of us !

In the last blog post, I gave an update which said that the Phone Floaty's would all be ready to be in the mail for Christmas. Unfortunately it seams that getting a production line organised is not as easy as it seams.

We initially wanted to produce the 5 models with fur colours in each;

  1. Iphone 7 & 8
  2. Iphone 7 & 8 plus
  3. Iphone X
  4. Samsung S8
  5. Samsung S9

Due to the complexity of getting this organised we have had to change that to one model "Iphone X" and one colour "Yellow". This doesn't mean that the other models and colours will not be available but it does mean that they will not be available till early next year (Probably February). Still good news for the people who either have already ordered their Iphone X Floatys or still plan to before Christmas because they should be in the mail just in the nick of time.

As I have emailed out to all the people who have pre-ordered their Floatys I am so sorry that it hasn't perfectly gone to plan here but we hope that this slight change in strategy will allow us to deliver on the promise of the Iphone X at least.





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