How to end up in a punch up at the boat ramp

Read through then watch the video at the end....


This is a short story.

Once upon a time, a small group of friends set out in the morning to go wakeboarding. They pulled the boat out of storage and took it to the service station to fuel up and on to the bottle'o to pack the coolers full of nice cold beer.

It was a pleasant day weather-wise and looked promising to be calm out of the water.


On the other side of town, there was a group of a small group of friends who had driven up to the lake from the city with their brand new jetskis. They were excited to be testing them out for the first time and couldn't help but sing along to the new Justin Bieber song whilst reversing their Seadoos in at the boat ramp. 


Because Lenny and the guys had been working hard all week it wasn't lunchtime yet and they had the first of a couple of lids torn off whilst preparing the lifejackets for the first rider to hit the water. After the fat sacks were full and the music was on point it was time to ride.


Meanwhile, the Bieber playlist had finished and now all we could hear was the ear-piercing screams of Tony's blonde girlfriend hanging on for dear life whilst doing 60 in the 4-knot zone. As he saw the wakeboarding boat come around the corner it was time to LAUNCH!

The loaded up boat was throwing a wake not to be understated and the closer to the back of the boat you were the higher the chance the blondey was going to go flying, 50,60,70,80... kmph approaching the back crest of the wake and..... downfalls the wakeboarder...

Funfact: Jetski's don't have breaks and when you try to turn with no power you look like an out of control rock being skimmed across the water.

Luckily it was a near miss... but never the less enough to fire up the locals in the wake boat. Although the punch up at the boat ramp never ended up taking place (They had an orgy instead) following this story will almost certainly end up with trouble.


Moral of the story: take your fucking jet ski away from other peoples shit.


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