7 European holidays you are most likely to drop your phone in the water on

From boat parties to pool bar raves, these are the places you need to look out for if you don't want to drop your phone in the water.

7:Boat Party Prague (Hungry)


Float down the Vltava and see all the famous postcard sights. Party under the moonlight on the open rooftop dancefloors. Down below, hit the bar and dance floor with the DJ thumping beats during all the cruise!

6: Ultra Boat Party (Croatia)

All aboard! Trade the historical streets of old town Split for the up close and personal bass on the Ultra Europe pre-party.

5: Paradise Beach Club Mykonos (Greece)

It may be the number one place travel agents recommend young backpackers to go to lose their marbles, therefore, it has to be in the top 7 places to find a phone drowning at the bottom of the pool.

4: Kings Day (The Netherlands)

The one day of the year where the dutch completely lose their shit and try to defy physics by packing as many people as possible on any boat they can find, then try and drive the watercraft through the canals, under bridges and back whilst turning the sound to 11. I have done this day and I can confirm seeing multiple mid selfie phones drop into the murky waters of the city.

3: Ushuaia Pool Party Ibiza (Spain)

From Fisher to Garix, although mainstream AF Ushuaia is the staple in pool parties internationally. Get there in the mid to late afternoon to see quickly the crowd can turn the pool into an electronics gravesite.

2: The Yacht Week (Croatia)

This is actually part of the reason Phone Floaty was invented. Bring 175 groups of 20 - 35-year-old summer holiday goers together, add the Adriatic sea, ridiculous amounts of booze, a touch of seasickness, island hopping and Insta potential that is almost unmatched and you have a hit rate of 50/50 people who leave with their phone as oppose to people who don't. 

1: The Bucketlist (Anywhere)

Ok now you know about the Yacht Week, let me introduce to you TYW on roids. Founded by staff who were too loose for the Yacht Week, the lads create a week of powerboats, sailboats, island hopping, and debauchery together to produce maybe what we could call the mecca of summer holidays. 

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