Kickstarter Updates #1 - Ready To Launch 13th Sept

We are getting ready to launch !

Phone Floaty On Kickstarter

After finalising our awesome new Kickstarter video, getting all our rewards organised and ready to go we have finally submitted our Kickstarter campaign for approval from Kickstarter. They estimate a 3 day turn around time to get the campaign approved which gives us a new launch date of Thursday the 13th of September.

We wanted to reach out to you, our website visitor, friend, future backer and let you know what we are doing in the lead up to the launch of our campaign. 

  1. Website edits and content writing (This blog post)
  2. Organising our social media promotions
  3. Reaching out to potential new customers and followers on Instagram
  4. Connecting with blogs and other media in pursuit of being featured

Getting our campaign off to a good start will mean we have a great chance of success in delivering you your Phone Floaty sooner. If you want to help with any of the above we absolutely do invite you to do so!

Here are some things you can do to help with the launch:

  1. On launch day, back us by pre-purchasing a Phone Floaty
  2. Share our Kickstarter video when we launch it on Thursday.
  3. Tag a friend who looses their phone to the water often.
  4. Introduce us to any of your friends in media who could potentially feature us.
  5. Like and share our social media channels 'Instagram & Facebook'.



Thanks for reading in, I look forward to sharing with you the upcoming journey of our Kickstarter campaign.

My next post will be on Wednesday to give you more info on our launch day.

Have a great day!