Kickstarter Update #4: Four days to go! Update from Phone Floaty.

With only four days to go we really would need a miracle to be able to achieve our goal for this kickstarter. Although the kickstarter has been a great way to solidify our brand launch and get the messaging right for everyone coming across the business, it hasn't been the only thing that Phone Floaty has been doing. Maybe to our detriment or maybe to our future benefit, but only time will tell.

With the strong response from people finding out about Phone Floaty for the first time we are working really hard behind the scenes to get the first run of the products perfected ready for Christmas.

As you may of seen in our recent Instagram post we have the final Phone Floaty designs for the Iphone X model off the production line and ready to go.



The march continues, we have allocated the next couple months to work closely with a few selected businesses to get their co-branded Phone Floatys ready for the summer.

Other than backing us here on a kickstarter another great way to support us would be to introduce us to any businesses that you may think might benefit from using our patented product in their business.

Businesses that we think could really benefit from working in partnership with Phone Floaty are:

Events based on the water:

The Yacht Week, The Bucketlust & the like...


Brands that serve people who are water based:

Zhik, Musto, Helly Hansen & the like...


As always please feel free to comment on this post as we would love your feedback on our progress so far.