Kickstarter Update #5: Fail, but the show goes on!

We had a great crack at the kickstarter to launch our new product into the world, but sometimes it doesn't all go to plan.

See more on the kickstarter blog here.

The show must go on!!!

We have managed to source other funding for the first production run of the product and hope to have stock before Christmas here on our website. 



With such a positive response around the board from both our small amount of backers on kickstarter, people all around Social media and through the internet we have total confidence in the product and our service to the water based world. We look forward to working with businesses and events to get the product embedded into the everyday lives of those who are on the water a lot of the time and do face the anxiety that you get from having a $1500 new Iphone in your bare hands on the dock!

Keep your eyes on the Phone Floaty because as Jordan Belfort would say 'We aint fucking leaving!'

Thanks and I really appreciate you reading this blog post and showing a keen interest in the Phone Floaty.

Oliver Du Rieu - Founder @phonefloaty